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Williamson County, TX Emergency Managment Emergency Communications Vehicle623 views2008 Ford F-550/???
Truck is designed to split from trailer to go get more fuel for the generator, as a response vehicle to set up additional repeaters, etc.
Seth Granville
Williamson County, TX Emergency Communications Truck 4378 viewsSeth Granville
Williamson County ESU 3212 views2009 Dodge DurangoSeth Granville
Williamson County Emergency Management ESU-1211 views2012 Dodge Ram 3500Seth Granville
Williamson County Emergency Communications RMC-3192 views2012 Freightliner/Farber Mobile Communications UnitSeth Granville
Williamson County Emergency Communications ESU-1187 viewsRegional Communications Incident Management Team SupervisorSeth Granville
Williamson County Emergency Communications ESU 3214 views2009 Dodge DurangoSeth Granville
Williamson County Emergency Communications ESU 2200 views2007 Ford F-450
Utilized to tow emergency trailers and other utility equipment
Seth Granville
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