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OHare Towing Truck 1081134 views
Maryland SHA 2018 Freightliner 114SD Quad Axle With Henderson Muni Body80 viewsIt's 12 feet longer then the standard SHA truck. The extra salt capacity (17 cubic yards) and fuel capacity (120 Gallons) on this truck allows operators to stay on their route twice as long as the standard SHA truck.
Frederick County (MD) DPW Highway Division Truck 5715470 views2016 Freightliner 108SD AWD/Henderson Dump Body
City Of Yonkers DPW Truck 78773 views2015 Freightliner Trucks 108SD AWD with a Henderson Products, Inc. FSH Heavy Duty Salt & Sand Spreader, and a Henderson Snow Foe RSP Series Reversible Plow.
Bedford FD Engine 108374 views200? Mack/Gowans-Knight
Water Source/Supply Engine
Ardsley NY Highway Department Truck 5168 views2015 Freightliner 108SD 6x6/Henderson Muni Body
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