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Vincent Towing Truck 1199 views2013 Kenworth T-800 w/ Century 9055
50 Ton Recovery Boom with dual winches, stiff legs. and a 136" underreach

Seth Granville
Vincent Towing Truck 175 views2014 Kenworth T-800/Century 9055 50 TonSeth Granville
Stiloskis Towing 2008 Kenworth T800/Jerr Dan 85 Ton Rotator-Heavy Wrecker968 viewsSeth Granville
Stiloskis Heavy Recovery And Rescue 2009 Kenworth T800-Jerr Dan 85 Ton Roatator1146 views2009 Kenworth T800-Jerr Dan 85 Ton RoatatorSeth Granville
Stiloskis Automotive Corp 2009 Kenworth T-800/Jerr-Dan 85 Ton Rotating Boom Wrecker1118 viewsTarrytown, NYSeth Granville
OHare Towing Service Truck 903 "The Mistress"1794 views2006 Kenworth T-800/Century 60 Ton Rotator
Operates from the Northlake Terminal
Seth Granville
Norwalk CT Public Works Truck 243155 views1995 Ford L8000 4x4/TencoSeth Granville
New York State Thruway Authority 13611285 views2013 Kenworth T-800/Aspen A-62 Brude Inspection UnitSeth Granville
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