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Southwest EMS Unit 27361 viewsSouthwest EMS (Now defunct, aqquired by Acadian Ambulance service in December and will be repainted in Acadian livery)
Unit 27
San Antonio, TX
200? Ford F-350/Wheeled Coach Crusader
Seth Granville
Acadian EMS Unit 866287 viewsCritical Care Transport
2012 Chevrolet/Acadian (Shop Built) Generator Powered Module
Seth Granville
Acadian EMS Unit 791235 views2011 Dodge Sprinter/MedTec
Assigned to the Central Texas division
Seth Granville
Acadian EMS Unit 717479 views2007 Chevrolet/AEV Traumahawk
Assigned to the San Antonio Division
Seth Granville
Acadian EMS St Davids Mobile NICU Unit621 viewsAcadian EMS (Austin-Travis County,TX Division)
St. Davids (Hospital) NICU Ambulance
200? Ford E450/AEV
Acadian Shop #712
Owned and operated by Acadian Ambulance (aqquired from the former MetroCare), staffed by St. Davids NICU team members
Seth Granville
Acadian EMS Operations Supervisor314 viewsUnit 730
2012 Chevrolet Silverado
Seth Granville
Acadian EMS Ambulance578 viewsChevrolet 3500/Acadian Shops Built Generator Power ModuleSeth Granville
Acadian EMS #769802 views2009 Chevrolet 3500/Acadian In-House Built Generator Powered ModuleSeth Granville
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