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NYS*DOT Truck 135618270 viewsNYS*DOT
2014 Dodge Ram/E-Z Tip Dump Body/Fisher Plow
Road Crew Truck
Seth Granville
New Britain, CT EMS Medic 13766 viewsNew Britain, CT EMS Medic 13
Duty Supervisor and Special Operations Vehicle
2007 Dodge 2500 Turbodiesel/Swab
Seth Granville
Metro North FL9 #411 Sits In The Harmon Yard526 viewsSeth Granville
FDNY FSD Pumpers Division297 views1999 Chevrolet Suburban 2500 DieselSeth Granville
Bee Line #204483 views2006 Orion Diesel-Electric Hybrid
8-1-07 @ Tarrytown Train Station
Seth Granville
Austin Fire Department Brush 45569 views2009 Dodge 5500/Siddons SkeeterSeth Granville
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