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Westchester EMS 4017469 views2005 Ford Expedition/Specialty Warning SystemsSeth Granville
Westchester EMS 370324 views2017 Ford Expedition/Specialty Warning Systems
Assigned to the 37 Medics, which provide ALS Flycar service to the VAC's in the Town Of Mount Pleasant NY
Seth Granville
Westchester EMS 370228 viewsAssigned to 37-M-2 as the Mount Pleasant Paramedic Flycar
2016 Ford Interceptor
Upfitted by Specialty Warning Systems
Seth Granville
Greenburgh Police Car 7268 views2015 Chevrolet Tahoe PPV 4x4
Assigned to a Police Officer-Paramedic for patrol, it carries a full set of ALS gear in addition to the police gear also carried.
Seth Granville
Greenburgh EMS Car 70124 views2915 Chevrolet TahoeSeth Granville
Empress EMS Truck 6284 views2005 Chevrolet Tahoe
Assigned to Yonkers EMS as a Paramedic Flycar and Supervisor truck
Previously assigned to Yorktown 34-M-1
Seth Granville
Empress EMS Truck 322 views2015 Ford Interceptor
Assigned when photographer to Medic 60 (43-M-1)
Seth Granville
Empire State Ambulance Hummer H3 Flycar1692 views2006 Hummer H3, assigned as Putnam Medic 1. One of three purchased.Seth Granville
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