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WMC Health (Westchester Medical Center, Valhalla NY) SM-126 viewsCritical Care Transport Unit
2015 Ford F-350 4x4/AEV
Staffed and operated by Empress Emergency Medical Services
Seth Granville
Westchester EMS-Stellaris Health 4035322 views2011 Ford/AEVSeth Granville
Westchester EMS #40324094 views2007 Ford E-350/AEVSeth Granville
St Davids EMS Unit 91157198 viewsOperated under contract by AMR
Official EMS Provider For UT Longhorns Athletics
Seth Granville
Former BEMS Ambulance Chasis103 viewsBoston Public Health Commission is using this former Boston EMS ambulance chassis as a plow/sander truck
Seth Granville
Empress EMS SM-1 (Westchester Medical Center)122 views2015 Ford F-450/AEV
Assigned to the WMC Health Contract as a Critical Care Transport Unit
Seth Granville
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