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Westchester County Police Truck 9219171 viewsAssigned to SOD-ESU
2014 Dodge Ram 5500/Proliner
Seth Granville
Westchester County Police ESU Truck 9219108 views2014 Dodge 5500/Proliner
Assigned to SOD-ESU
Seth Granville
Westchester County Police ESU Truck 118 views2016 Ram 5500 4x4/ProlinerSeth Granville
Westchester County PD SOD-1105 views2016 Chevrolet 3500/SwabSeth Granville
Westchester County PD 9089345 views2012 Chevrolet Tahoe Police Package
Assigned To The SOD Supervisor
Seth Granville
Greenburgh Police SOD Truck 159 views2016 Ford F-550 4x4/ProlinerSeth Granville
Greenburgh Police SOD Truck 137 views2016 Ford F550 4x4/ProlinerSeth Granville
Greenburgh Police Department Truck 5128 viewsTown Of Greenburgh Police Department Special Operations Division acquired this 2002 Mack MC/Saulsbury from NYD surplus (Formerly Truck 3 and Truck 5). The refurbishment, including engine and electrical overhaul, chassis work, paint, etc was done all in house by the Greenburgh Town Garage. Seth Granville
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